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Back To School EDU & Job Portal Responders


These continuing education prospects are looking to attend college classes or to advance their current career or trade opportunities.

Reach highly responsive consumers who have responded to a targeted online education offer. These prospective continuing education students have filled out a form requesting assistance with finding a college or trade school that can help them acquire a degree.

These direct response consumers have responded to a direct response vehicle, seeking continuing education courses to advance their education and to look for a new career.

These students, homemakers and others are highly motivated and focused on starting a career and understand that acquiring a new degree can help them enter a new career.
These consumers expressed interest in various courses including; business, technology, dental, plumbing, electric, medical, fine arts and more in order to earn degrees and certifications.

These are men and women, typically between the ages of 18 and 40, who are interested in achieving career objectives without having to dramatically disrupt their already-busy lives.

These continuing education responders will help you reach individuals nationwide who are looking to further their education. They could be looking for online schooling to complete their degree or follow a new course of study altogether.

These students are taking the first step in improving their lives & education by getting back to school to get the degree and career of their choice.

This is a great target market for Education offers, Business Opportunities, Resume Building services, and more. This list is perfect for distance learning and education offers, business and financial opportunity offers; retail and catalog as well as seminars; financial planning, self-improvement products and services, etc


Direct Response


39% Male
57% Female

Minimum Order

5,000 records


Net Name Arrangement

85% Net
25,000 or more
$7/M running