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Business Mailing Lists

What are Business mailing lists?

Business Mailing lists comprise of small to mid sized businesses that have responded to multiple offers.

How are these leads captured?

The agencies on the Bussiness mailing list have filled out form explicitly indicating their interest is Business related product and services .

Who do these leads represent?

Net60 Inc. provides both Business-to-Business (B2B) lists, which represent established businesses, and Business Opportunity lists, which connect you to workers participating in the market on an individual level (stay-at-home parents, work-from-home jobs, etc.).

Who can benefit from these leads?

Net60 Inc.’s business lists assist organizations in marketing their goods and services to other businesses. Current beneficiaries include Uline, American Express and We can target business responders by industry classification, business size, location, and more.

Sample Business Lists

Intelligent Business Buyers

This business file from New Era Global Solutions is comprised of small businesses that have bought various products and or services including: equipment leasing, credit lines, business…

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B2B Free Resources

These companies have responded to offers such as office supplies, insurance, career advancement, seminars, computer hardware & software, as well as other products and services. These…

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E-Commerce Professionals

These professionals are at the core of the e-commerce business marketplace. They possess the buying power of computer and internet products and services such as web hosting, online merchant…

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How do I estimate the costs to rent a list?

The agencies on these business mailing lists have filled out forms explicitly indicating their interest in business-related products and services.