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Consumer Mailing Lists

What are consumer mailing lists?

Consumer mailing lists comprise of prospects that represent individuals in the consumer market, identified for their specific interests and/or demographics.

How are these leads captured?

Individuals on these consumer mailing lists have actively submitted their personal information via online forms, phone calls or direct mail.

Who can benefit from these leads?

Consumer marketing is all about getting the right message to the right consumer. Due to the size of the potential consumer market, demographics (age, gender, income, ethnicity) plays a key role in marketing effectively to the consumer. Having the right list to support your marketing campaign is vital.

Net60 Inc.’s lists are highly targeted consumer mailing lists that generate a high response rate, and an organization trying to capture any segment of the consumer market will find them invaluable.

Current beneficiaries of Net60 Inc.’s consumer mailing lists include pre-paid debit card companies, financial seminar companies and catalogs.

Sample Consumer Lists

Continuing Education Degree Seekers

These prospective continuing education students have filled out a form requesting assistance with finding a college or trade school that can help them acquire a degree. Many of these continuing education seekers including people in the job market, current military personnel…

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Car Quote Direct

‘Car Quote Direct’ is an internet-based service that is dedicated to providing consumers with the best possible prices on new cars. The goal of ‘Car Quote Direct’ is to eliminate the hassles commonly associated with buying new cars and negotiating with dealerships. To achieve…

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Single Parent Online Network

The Single Parent Online Network Club provides information for single parents including discounts, government help, individual and family resources, education scholarships, & housing assistance. These single parents enrolled to receive community based parenting support…

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Home Electronics & Gadgets House Credit Responders

These consumers responded to a home electronics & gadgets in house credit line to be used for a specific shopping catalog. These highly responsive individuals have purchased and responded to a catalog program where they purchased thousands of items through a catalog, and are…

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Approved Magazine Subscription Buyers

Approved Magazine Subscription Buyers is a list of responsive and credit worthy buyers who have used their credit card to purchase a wide range of magazine publications through the Internet. These magazine purchasers respond to a wide variety of offers which include credit card…

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