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Corporate Overview

Net60 Inc. serves as a list brokerage and mailing list manager, and specializes with monetizing postal data.

For more than a decade, Net60 Inc. has been managing offline postal and telemarketing data in the education, credit, catalog, travel, insurance and business opportunity verticals.

The data is sourced from people who responded to one or more specific offers via the internet, print, telemarketing, email and SMS.

Net60 Inc. generates new streams of income by utilizing the offline postal portion of a company’s existing database to generate postal and telemarketing list rental revenue.

Chaim Lazar, who leads the company, is a veteran direct mail professional. He has worked in the past for Contact Marketing (as VP of sales and marketing) and was the direct mail manager for Net2Phone, a publicly traded internet company.

Net60 Inc. gained recognition in the direct marketing arena for excellent, professional and timely service, and rapidly expanded. Net60 Inc. specializes in optimizing direct mail campaigns for companies in various industries.

Our team of direct mail professionals responds to the individual marketing needs of our clients in a quick and assertive manner. Our in-depth understanding of the list industry has put us at the forefront of this ever-changing marketplace.

Over the past several years we have helped various companies expand their client base nationwide through successful direct mail campaigns.

We are involved in all aspects of direct marketing including creative design, list selection, printing, mailing and response analysis.