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Credit Advantage Catalog Merchandise Shoppers


These buyers were offered an unsecured purchasing credit line to be used exclusively for a specific catalog offer. Reach these targeted consumers who responded to a Catalog Credit Program. The Merchandise Catalog file consists of consumers who enjoy to shop via an in-house credit line.

These consumers were redirected to a stored value merchandise card offer after being denied an unsecured purchasing credit line. They then applied for a stored value card to be used for a specific shopping catalog.These applicants are looking to improve their credit ratings and enjoy the convenience of shopping with a credit card.

Reach these consumers are looking to enjoy the benefits of an unsecured line of credit to be used on a specific catalog. This catalog credit program offer allows credit seekers the opportunity to purchase quality goods with the opportunity of slowly paying back for the purchase amount and rebuild their credit at the same time.

This file is ideal for catalogs and merchandise, credit card offers, sweepstakes, telemarketing, electronic, baby, apparel, toys, loan & financial, insurance, health & fitness, catalog credit offers, secured & unsecured credit offers, pay day loan offers, instant financing programs, debt consolidation, sweepstakes, educational degree programs, distance learning, & career oriented offers.


Direct Response


42% Male
56% Females

Minimum Order

5,000 Records


Net Name Arrangement