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Career Minded Online College Student Career Applicants

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Average Monthly Hotline 78,445 $120/M
Total File 2,795,349 $110/M

In order to enhance their company’s image and increase sales, these executives have started the process of creating a company web site. These professionals have registered a domain name on behalf of their company and are involved in strategic business and e-business decisions.

This file allows companies to target via direct mail or telemarketing growth-oriented small businesses, who have proven their desire to adapt to changing technology and new marketing strategies.

These executives have purchasing power over many of their companyu2019s business needs including products and services such as Internet, marketing, credit cards, loans, E-commerce, security, and office supplies.u00a0

Direct Response
28% Males
68% Female
Minimum Order
Email $50/F
Net Name Arrangement
Phones $200/M
Education $20/M
HS Grad Date $15/M
Career Interests $15/M
Geo $10/M
Gender $10/M
Age $10/M
Demographics $10/M


Email: [email protected]
Address: 228 ParkAve S. suite # 83872, New York, NY 10003-1502
Phone: 201-833-9003