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College Scholarship Seekers

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Average Monthly Hotline 110,300 $110/M
Total File 2,449,668 $110/M

This list consists of postal addresses of consumers who responded to college loan offers.

These students and working professionals responded to companies who help people refinance or secure student loans.

These individuals are eager to advance their careers and are willing to apply for a loan to attain their educational goals.

Reach out to these responsive college students who will respond well to multiple offers including: Internet, entertainment, recruitment, books, credit cards, insurance, travel, etc.

Direct Response
44% Male
48% Female
Minimum Order
25,000 records
Email $50/F
FTP $50/F
Net Name Arrangement
85% Net
30,000 or more
$8/M running
Geo $10/M
Gender $10/M
Age $10/M
Demographics $10/M
Area of Interest $20/M


Email: [email protected]
Address: 228 ParkAve S. suite # 83872, New York, NY 10003-1502
Phone: 201-833-9003