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Healthy Lifestyle Nutrition Seekers

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Average Monthly Hotline 133,667 $110/M
Total File 2,029,631 $110/M
Email & social media campaigns available

These consumers visited Rent to Own centers in order to browse for potential furniture, appliances, and electronics for their home.These individuals are often new movers looking to furnish and decorate their new home.

These consumers are looking for new and used brand-name furniture, electronics or appliances,
These credit-challenged buyers opted to a rent to own center where no credit is needed, and flexible payment options are extended.

These rent to own seekers are candidates for new low end catalogs, BHPH car loans, payday loans, installment loans, title loans, home furnishing with credit terms, layaway plans, in store financing, sub-prime credit cards, etc.

Homeowners and renters who have subprime credit are typically drawn to rent-to-own centers as they find the leasing period a crucial opportunity to repair their financial profile to secure a loan. They are very responsive to any financial opportunity that will help them with this cause, including payday or installment loans, debt consolidation and credit repair programs

Direct Response
48% Male
47% Female
Minimum Order
5,000 records
Email $50/F
FTP $50/F
Net Name Arrangement
85% Net
25,000 or more
$6/M running
Geo $10/M
Age $15M
Income $15M
Demographics $15M


Email: [email protected]
Address: 228 ParkAve S. suite # 83872, New York, NY 10003-1502
Phone: 201-833-9003