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New Movers Credit Challenged Households

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Average Monthly Hotline 67,830 $110/M
Total File 1,782,430 $110/M

These new movers have been recently turned down after applying for loans or lines of credit.

This new mover file offer applicants are in need of an alternative credit source. These individuals will respond to all sub prime offers including: auto loans, mortgage, online credit reporting, discount travel offers, and personal financial aids.

This file will be successful for the following offers: credit and loan; financial; insurance; education, distance learning sweepstakes; telemarketing; travel; mortgage and multi-magazine.

Direct Response
53% Male
42% Female
Minimum Order
5,000 Records
Email $50/F
FTP $50/F
Net Name Arrangement
85% Net
25,000 or more
$6/M running
Geo $10/M
Gender $10/M
Age $10/M
Demographics $10/M


Email: [email protected]
Address: 228 ParkAve S. suite # 83872, New York, NY 10003-1502
Phone: 201-833-9003