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Discount Catalog Offer Responders


These consumers have tapped into the Internet, to find new catalogs that offers them deals and product discounts.

This mailing list offers individuals who are currently receiving mail order catalogs for discount clothing, jewelry, furniture, and a variety of other goods.

Catalog products include home & garden, diet, electronics, jewelry, computers, clothing, gifts, general merchandise.

These responsive individuals have responded to a discount catalog program, where they can purchase thousands of items through a selected catalog, and are able to make monthly payments.

These proven direct response applicants are great prospects for catalog offers, secured and unsecured credit offers, pay day loan offers, instant financing programs, debt consolidation, sweepstakes, at home educational programs, distance learning, and career oriented offers.


Direct Response


42% Males
56% Females

Minimum Order

5,000 Records


Net Name Arrangement

85% Net
20,000 or more
$6/M running