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Distance Learning Online Applicants


Reach out to this select group of consumers who are committed to improve their job prospects and income by enrolling in distance learning college & vocational training programs.

These career prospects are looking to attend college or post high school classes or to advance their current career opportunities. They have also expressed interest in continuing education, college scholarship, trade school application, etc. that can help them acquire a higher paying job.

These individuals have the desire to improve their career opportunities, increase their earning potential, and rejoin the work force. These responders have researched online career-building resources and studied to become electricians, plumbers, electronic specialists, TV/VCR repair technicians, telecommunications technicians, etc. Many of them researched a variety of online resources for career information and/or development.These students can qualify for a wide range of tuition assistance, including zero-interest loans, Federal Student Aid, scholarships, and alternative loans.Recommended for: College, Trade & Vocation, University, distance learning, self-improvement, job-hunting, financial offers, recruitment, credit cards, self-employment opportunities, vocation and trade school recruitment, etc.


Direct Response


54% Male
42% Female

Minimum Order

5,000 records


Net Name Arrangement

85% Net
25,000 or more
$6/M running