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Education College Scholarship and Grant Responders


Be the first to connect with these people who are interested in securing a college scholarship to help fund their college education. These consumers are either currently in the work force and looking to go back to college, or high school graduates, and continuing education adults who are actively seeking a college scholarship.

These people have requested information about college scholarships or have actively researched college scholarships.These consumers can qualify for a wide range of tuition assistance, including zero-interest loans, Federal Student Aid, scholarships, and alternative loans.

These education college degree seekers are some of the most responsive group of consumers on the market. Many of these continuing education seekers including people in the job market, current military personnel, veterans, people in the reserves or national guard are looking for a college that can help them acquire a degree while maintaining their current positions and job.

Reach out to these college degree minded individuals who are looking for a brick & mortar school or online distance learning program to earn a college degree.

Recommended for: College, Trade & Vocation, University, distance learning, self-improvement, job-hunting, financial offers, recruitment, credit cards, self-employment opportunities, vocation & trade school recruitment, etc.


Direct Response


42% Male
48% Female

Minimum Order

5,000 records


Net Name Arrangement

85% Net
25,000 or more