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Enroll Me Now! College Degree Seekers


Reach out to this responsive group of college & education seekers who are either looking to attend college for the first time; going back to school to finish a degree or obtain a new degree.These online education responders have all responded to an education related online survey or online form, or direct mail education & college offer.

These individuals are looking to begin a new career or to complete an existing degree, and are constantly seeking ways to improve their education skills and professional services. Tap into this responsive audience who are pursuing various online and campus-based training programs, courses, tutorials, workshops in order to expand their level of education. By aspiring to earn a higher salary and better position themselves in their chosen professions, these consumers are dedicated to furthering their education and are ready to go back to school to achieve their goals.

This file is 100% sourced from real time direct response leads, encompassing consumers who recently responded to an online education survey or form.

These highly active education seekers, will respond well to offers from a variety of other third party education and college offers via direct mail, telemarketing and
and email. Some of these consumers just want to further their career paths or broaden their skills and knowledge.


Direct Response


35% Male
62% Female

Minimum Order

5,000 records


Net Name Arrangement

85% Net
25,000 or more
$7/M Run Charge