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Frequently Asked Questions

Most mailing lists will produce an undeliverable mail rate from 25 – 10%. The performance of a list is measured by its response. For example, a list may produce a large number of undeliverable sends but it may also produce an acceptable number of responses if it is properly... Read More →
Typical response rates for B2B direct mail marketing efforts run from a fraction of .5% to as high as 3% depending on the nature of the offer. Lower-priced or free offers will have a much higher response rate than higher-priced offers. It is virtually impossible to predict the... Read More →
Statistics show that in the US today, $250 billion dollars in goods and services are sold through direct mail each year. More than half of all adults in the US order via direct mail. Direct mail provides a flexible marketing option that is utilized to sell most any type of... Read More →
Orders are produced based on the detailed specifications of the list renter. The exact timing is dependent on these specifications and the fulfillment capability. Most orders for domestic USA lists are shipped within 7 to 10 working days of receipt by the list owner or manager.... Read More →
To calculate the base rental fee divide the total quantity you wish to order by 1,000; then multiply the result by the dollar cost per thousand. For example: 10,000 quantity divided by 1,000, equals 10 multiplied by $150/M rental fee, equals a base rental of $1,500.00. Next, do... Read More →
Lists are usually purchased on a one-time usage basis. This allows the renter to utilize the list once in return for a specific fee. Fees are typically defined in terms of per thousand record basis. For example, a list renting for $150M means that the base rental fee is $150 per... Read More →
Individuals who have made a recent purchase are considered hotline names. List owners charge an additional fee for hotline names. Hotline names are of considerable interest to most marketers, since there is a greater chance that someone who has bought recently will buy again.... Read More →
No single list selection strategy guarantees success. You need to track the results of the various mailings to figure out what works and what doesn’t. Once you find a list that works, continue mailing to the list until your results show that this list is no longer providing you... Read More →
The success of any direct mail campaign is closely tied to the specific lists used in the campaign. The list/lists that you select is the most important decision in developing a marketing campaign. The more targeted the list the greater the response resulting in a successful... Read More →