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Hispanic College Education Degree Seekers


These Hispanic education prospects represents Hispanic consumers who are looking to enroll in a college to seek a Bachelor’s or Associate’s degree. These Hispanic consumers are currently not registered in any college and have been identified as highly effective targets for career college training programs and continuing education degrees.

These Hispanic career college prospects filled out a form online, requesting educational assistance with finding a college or trade school that can help them acquire a degree.

The Hispanic College Education Degree Seekers file represents Hispanic education prospects who are looking to improve their skills and take their careers to the next level. Reach out to these consumers are interested in earning a degree either as full time or part time students, while maintaining their current full-time job.

Average Monthly– Age Breakdowns
ages 18-24 23,000 ages 25-35 38,000
ages 36-45 37,000 ages 46-54 11,000

Average Monthly – Level of Education
High School Graduate 34,000 GED 28,000
Some college 11,510 Associate’s Degree 1,947


Direct Response


46% Male
43% Female

Minimum Order

5,000 Records


Net Name Arrangement

85% Net
25,000 or more
$7/M Run Charge