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Experts In Offline Postal Data Monetization
Specializing in managing hotline buyer and responder data
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Net 60 is a payment term that sellers offer credit customers to pay invoices within 60 calendar days from the invoice date.
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Net60 Postal Lists

Monetize Your Lists

The contact data you’ve been collecting from active responders could be one of your most valuable assets. We will help you maximize your potential income from these lists by marketing them to organizations with similar target markets, while protecting the relationship you have built with your customers.

We have more than 15 years’ experience helping commercial and non-commercial organizations reach their target markets. We will find you the multi-channel responsive lists that are best-suited for your campaign. These people want to hear your message; you just haven’t found them yet.

targeted Postal Lists

Net60 is a list broker company with access to a vast range of mailing lists, spanning postal data, e-mails and phone contact information. These include both consumer lists (including college lists) and business lists. For even more focused results, we also provide a premium lead generation service.

You can search our database for the kind of list that you are looking for, browse, or peruse these samples of our top-performing lists:

This business file from New Era Global Solutions is comprised of small businesses that have bought various products and or services including: equipment leasing, credit lines, business credit cards, cellular phone plans, insurance, web hosting, and other benefit type packages….

Intelligent Business Buyers

The “Pay as you go Wireless Freedom Plan” offers individuals an alternative to a standard cell phone contract and other credit offers. When applying for a credit offer or new cell phone service contract, a lack of good credit liability required these people to sign up for an…

Pay As You Go Wireless Freedom Plan

These companies have responded to offers such as office supplies, insurance, career advancement, seminars, computer hardware & software, as well as other products and services. These decision makers work from home or small business and are looking to find good deals on…

B2B Free Resources

These professionals are at the core of the e-commerce business marketplace. They possess the buying power of computer and internet products and services such as web hosting, online merchant accounts, computer and internet hardware and software. E-Commerce Professionals consist of…

E-Commerce Professionals

These people used their credit cards to buy into a discount vacation package that was tied into a time share tour. Access these very responsive consumers that responded via an outbound telemarketing campaign to buy discount vacation packages. Monthly, weekly, & daily names…

Discounted Vacation Tour Buyers