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Welcome to our innovative call marketing exchange, where Net60 Inc. delivers live inbound calls to advertisers based on a 100% performance model.

At Net60 Inc., we’re dedicated to providing high-quality leads through our pay-per-call marketing agency, with a focus on meeting the unique needs of businesses in the United States.

Our Services:

Net60 Inc. is your exclusive pay-per-call marketing agency, offering a range of services tailored to your requirements:

For Advertisers:

Discover a pricing model that works for you, entirely based on performance. Say goodbye to paying for clicks that don’t convert and start receiving guaranteed calls that matter.

For Publishers:

Join our private, invite-only network and access exclusive campaigns with the best payouts available in the industry.

Agency Services:

Let us manage your entire campaign, from crafting compelling ad copy to strategic media buying and optimization. We’ll ensure you receive profitable calls.

Medicare, ACA, Debt, Final Expense and Whole Life Insurance Calls:

Get on live calls with interested, pre-qualified leads actively shopping for Medicare, ACA, Debt, home warranty, auto, Final Expense and Whole Life insurance plans in the USA. Our dedicated agents meticulously filter leads to ensure they meet your specific pre-qualifications and have the time and intent to engage in meaningful conversations. Rest assured, all our calls strictly adhere to TCPA compliance standards, guaranteeing a hassle-free and legally compliant experience for both you and your potential clients.

About Us:

Net60 Inc. is your trusted Pay Per Call Marketing Agency, delivering inbound calls to advertisers with a 100% performance guarantee. We generate thousands of calls daily through various channels, including Search Engine, Social Media, Email, Display, and Video, with a strong emphasis on delivering the highest quality live inbound calls in the industry. With a management team boasting 30 years of combined experience in online marketing and disruptive technology development, Net60 Inc. is dedicated to creating a straightforward, fast, and efficient Call Marketing Platform tailored to the needs of American businesses.

Our Value:

At Net60 Inc., we are committed to providing exceptional value:

100% performance-based pricing, ensuring you pay only for results. No upfront, recurring, or hidden costs, giving you transparency and control. Unparalleled campaign support, guiding you every step of the way to maximize your success. Choose Net60 Inc. for inbound calls that drive results and a commitment to delivering value to businesses in the United States.