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Net60’s Medicare Pay Per Call Service


Net60 proudly presents our Medicare Pay per Call Service, designed to connect you with interested, pre-qualified leads actively seeking Medicare Supplement and Advantage plans. At Net60, our mission is to provide you with an efficient and effective way to engage with potential clients in the insurance industry.

Medicare Calls:

With our specialized Medicare Call Service, you can seamlessly get on live calls with individuals who are genuinely interested in Medicare Supplement and Advantage plans. Our dedicated agents meticulously filter leads to ensure they meet your specific pre-qualifications and have the time and intent to engage in meaningful conversations. Rest assured, all our calls strictly adhere to TCPA compliance standards, guaranteeing a seamless and risk-free experience for both you and your potential clients.

Our Commitment:

At Net 60, we are committed to delivering high-quality leads and calls tailored to your insurance business needs. Our focus on precision and compliance allows you to maximize your time and resources, helping you build valuable relationships with potential clients.

Why Choose Net60’s  for Medicare/ACA/Insurance/Auto/Home Qarranty/Final Expense Call Service:

Quality Assurance: We prioritize the quality of our leads and calls, ensuring that you only connect with prospects relevant to your services.

Time Efficiency: Our pre-qualification process saves you time and effort, allowing you to focus on what matters most – building your client base.

TCPA Compliance: Avoid legal complications and fines associated with non-compliant calls. Our commitment to TCPA compliance ensures that your interactions are always in accordance with the law.

How It Works:

Sign Up: Create an account and specify your pre-qualification criteria.

Receive Leads: Our agents filter leads based on your criteria.

Connect: Start connecting with interested leads through live calls.

Convert: Close deals with individuals who are genuinely interested in your Medicare Supplement and Advantage plans.

We deeply appreciate the importance of maintaining a healthy cash flow and demonstrate our commitment to our partners by ensuring prompt and timely payments.

Connect with Us:

Ready to explore how Net60’s Medicare, ACA, debt and Final Expense Call Service can help you grow your insurance business? Contact our dedicated team today.

Join us and experience the difference in lead generation with Net 60. We’re here to drive your success through quality Final Expense calls, personalized service, and strategic collaboration.