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Prime Personal Loans & Credit Seekers


The Prime Personal Loans & Credit Seekers file, offers mailers an untapped list of consumers who are looking for a personal loan.

These active loan seekers are searching for a personal loan towards home remodeling, to purchase appliances & furnishings or for any other purpose.

Reach these consumers who are actively looking for a personal loan to reach their purchasing needs and are likely to respond to finance & credit loans.

These consumers are prime candidates for bank loans, short- or long-term loans, financial offers, personal loans, refinance, finance & credit loan offers, MCA small business loans, merchandise, sweepstakes, insurance offers and secured & unsecured credit cards.


Direct Response


47% Males
53% Females

Minimum Order

5,000 records


Net Name Arrangement

85% Net
25,000 or more
$6/M running