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How can a list broker help small businesses?

By Chaim Lazar | May 6th, 2024 | Blog, Direct Mail

Small businesses generally find it difficult to initiate and execute successful direct mail, telemarketing or email campaigns. A lack of resources, money and time limits the ability of small companies to create successful marketing campaigns.

A seasoned list broker is one resource that could help small businesses overcome some of the hurdles of creating successful direct mail campaigns. An experienced list broker may ease the burden of successfully launching a marketing campaign in several ways:

  • Campaign budgeting and helping to set realistic goals.
  • Helping to find successful direct mail, email and/or telemarketing lists.
  • Recommending companies that can help in the process of creating & designing a direct mail, email or telemarketing script.
  • Recommending companies for merge purge and mail house fulfillment services.
  • Tracking front- and back-end results on the campaign.

The right list may enable a small business to reach a group of consumers or businesses who would be prime candidates for their products or services. For example, a high-end golf resort hotel chain might rent a list of people who went online to search for high-end golf vacations. Renting such a targeted list may yield a high response rate and would allow a small business to continue using direct mail, email or telemarketing as an ongoing venue to reach new prospects.

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