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Trade & Vocational School Applicants

Trade & Vocational School Applicants

These career seekers are looking to increase their income potential by earning a certificate and/or diploma through a trade and vocational school.

These consumers initially responded online via search engines, ban ads or solo emails. After their initial response, 100% of these consumers filled out a more detailed online application.

After filling out their contact information, these individuals received complimentary information directly to their email concerning trade and vocational schools, based on their interests.

The online application captures many select-able demographics and data points including age & education level.

Degrees include: Medical Billing & Coding, Home Inspector, Locksmith, Safety Engineering, Aquatic Engineering (Swimming Pool maintenance), Pet Grooming & Sitting, Medical Transcription, Dental Assistance, Web design, Massage Therapy, Accounting, Welding, Basic computer knowledge etc.

Select by – People with a high school diploma, people who signed up for online degrees, consumers who registered for vocational training,

Recommended for: distance learning, self-improvement, job-hunting, financial offers, recruitment, credit cards, self-employment opportunities, vocation and trade school recruitment, etc.

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