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What are the basic prices, terms and conditions for renting lists?

lauren day

Lists are usually purchased on a one-time usage basis. This allows the renter to utilize the list once in return for a specific fee. Fees are typically defined in terms of per thousand record basis. For example, a list renting for $150M means that the base rental fee is $150 per 1,000 records. If you are looking for 2,000 records then the fee would be $300.

Some lists, usually smaller lists are priced on a flat fee basis. For example, a flat rental fee of $600 is available for the entire quantity of contacts on the list.

List prices showing a + sign may have additional charges that are added to the base rental rate.

If a rented list is used more than once without prior permission from the owner, he/she may ask for additional payment or may refuse to supply the user with any names in the future. Owners may impose other restrictions on the use of a list or may even refuse to supply it altogether, such as to competitive marketers.

Most list owners set a minimum order size or value. This minimum order size may range from 3,000 to 5,000 records.

Most owners of response-generated B2B lists require list users to submit a reasonably complete sample of the marketing piece for their review. This enables them to screen out competitive, questionable or otherwise inappropriate offers.

The terms and conditions for the usage will vary based on list owner conditions.

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