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Catalog Credit African American Responders

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Average Monthly Hotline 125,900 $110/M
Total File 1,220,100 $110/M

Reach African American consumers who have shown interest in a catalog credit, in order to make purchases from a catalog even with inadequate credit.

This file consists of African American credit seekers who applied for a Catalog Credit Program.

These consumers were offered an unsecured purchasing credit line to be used exclusively for a specific catalog offer.

These individuals will respond to all sub prime offers including: low-end catalogs, auto loans, extended warranty, mortgage, online credit reporting, discount travel offers, and personal financial aids.


  • Online Direct Response
  • Gender

  • 52% Males 48% Females
  • Minimum Order

  • 5,000 Records
  • Format

    Email $50/F
    FTP $50/F
    Net Name Arrangement

  • 85% Net 25,000 or more $6/M running
  • Selections

    Geo $10/M
    Gender $10/M
    Demographics $10/M

    Terms and Conditions: Stated prices are for one time use only. Orders canceled before mail date are subject to $10/M running charges and a $50 flat cancellation fee. Orders cancelled after the mail date on purchase order, will be charged full price. We believe the information concerning this list to be accurate; however we do not guarantee its accuracy or the outcome of the mailing. We are not liable for any damages or loss sustained through use of this list, or for any special or consequential damages, and in no event shall our liability exceed the price of the list.

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