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Chaim Lazar

Chaim Lazar Chief Executive Officer

As founder and Chief Executive Officer of Net60 Inc., Chaim Lazar is a pioneer and innovator in list marketing. With more than 10 years’ experience in the direct marketing industry, Chaim brings a wealth of knowledge in list acquisition, direct response and data aggregation to Net60 Inc, with a focus on direct-to-consumer marketing.

Prior to founding Net60 Inc., Chaim was the VP of Sales and Operations for Contact Marketing, an internet list marketing company. During his tenure, he was responsible for developing effective marketing and sales initiatives to increase overall company sales. With the implementation of his sales and marketing programs, Chaim grew the new account base by 75% and increased the profitability of existing clients by 50%.

Chaim’s experience in direct and internet marketing comes from his work at Net2Phone, a leader in turn-key hosted VoIP telephony services. While at Net2Phone, Chaim was responsible for increasing sales through direct marketing campaigns. His responsibilities including building joint marketing campaigns with established internet leaders such as AT&T and America Online.

Early in his career, Chaim realized the realized the power of the internet to connect people and founded, a leading tutoring search website focused on connecting tutors with students nationwide. Today, Tutormatch boasts approximately 4,000 registered tutors covering various areas of education, and more than 10,000 registered students. Chaim is still active in the business today.

Chaim holds a B.S. in marketing degree from The Sy Syms School of Business of Yeshiva University in New York.

Sharon N.  Director of Operations

As Director of Operations for Net60 Inc., Sharon is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the business. With a MBA in finance and more than 16 years of operations and infrastructure experience in both financial and technology organizations, Sharon brings a wealth of experience to Net60. With a strong background in business and financial analysis, human resources and process management, Sharon provides the operating, business and administrative leadership for Net60.

Bar Lazar Digital Specialist 201-833-9003 Bar brings with him excellent organization and communication skills, which helps our clients receive quick results and success Bar utilizes digital and affiliate marketing to help create new revenue streams for our clients. He is easy to work with and poses great people’s skills.

Paula M. VP of Sales

As VP of Sales, Paula brings a wealth of experience from her prior position as VP of sales and marketing for PatchKraft, Inc., an international fashion and manufacturing company based in the US. Paula brings to Net60 more than 20 years of managerial, marketing and sales talent that is hard to find in today’s workforce. With a Bachelor’s Degree from City College of New York in English, Paula plays a strong role in maintaining and growing Net60’s client base.

Chaya L. Office Manager / Creative Director

As Office Manager and Creative Director for Net60 Inc., Chaya is responsible for the financial management and marketing activities of the business. With her experience as a professional organizer and office manager, Chaya keeps Net60 running in an efficient and organized manner. Chaya’s additional marketing communications skills, along with her strong writing abilities, prove vital to Net60 in the area of marketing. Chaya is responsible for creating new datacards, updating the content on the website, developing press releases and other outbound communications, and designing trade show attractions.