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How do I estimate the costs to rent a list?

estimate the costs to rent a lis

To calculate the base rental fee divide the total quantity you wish to order by 1,000; then multiply the result by the dollar cost per thousand. For example: 10,000 quantity divided by 1,000, equals 10 multiplied by $150/M rental fee, equals a base rental of $1,500.00.

Next, do the same calculation for each selection charge which will be used in your order. If you are selecting one or more states, for example, and state selections are priced at $5/M+ ($5 per thousand additional), you will incur a $25.00 total charge for state selection. Calculate these amounts and add them to the base rental.

Next, calculate the fulfillment charge. Note that some fulfillment options are free (N/C), some are charged on a per thousand basis (/M+) and some are charged on a flat basis (/F+). If the charge is described as /M+, divide the total quantity of records by 1,000 and multiply the result by the charge. Then add this amount to your total charges.

Finally, if you choose a fulfillment option that requires shipping (labels, magnetic tape, diskette), add about $15 to $75 to your total charges. Note that shipping charges are usually based on parcel weight and distance.

The sum of these various calculations will provide you a good estimate of your total list rental costs.