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Is direct mail still a valid marketing option?

Is direct mail still a valid marketing option

Statistics show that in the US today, $250 billion dollars in goods and services are sold through direct mail each year. More than half of all adults in the US order via direct mail.

Direct mail provides a flexible marketing option that is utilized to sell most any type of product or service. It also contains a call to action within the mailing via a response card or order form, which provides for the ability to gather results on the success of the mailing.

There are many benefits to direct mail. Direct mail provides you the opportunity to customize your message for a target audience that has an interest in your specific product or service. The key to a higher response on your direct mail campaigns is improved targeting of your audience. Carefully measuring the results of your direct mail campaigns helps you to understand what worked and what did not work. By understanding what works, you can refine your message for a greater response in the next mailing.

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