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This is a person or firm that sells categorized lists of people and their contact information for use in direct mail, telemarketing or email advertising campaigns. At the smallest level, list brokers provide a database which contains a person’s name and email address (or mailing... Read More →
The most important facet to any direct marketing program is tracking and analysis. The source of every order, inquiry, lead or other response they generate must be analyzed to determine which lists worked and which didn’t. Read More →
Small businesses generally find it difficult to initiate and execute successful direct mail, telemarketing or email campaigns. A lack of resources, money and time limits the ability of small companies to create successful marketing campaigns. A seasoned list broker is one... Read More →
Like any other profession, the list industry offers a wide array of lists, and a seasoned list professional should be utilized to find the most responsive file. There are over 65,000 direct mail, telemarketing and email lists on the market and a qualified list broker can help... Read More →
I believe that part of the answer lies in the quality of the customers generated from direct mail and telemarketing campaigns, versus online driven leads. From my experience, direct response marketing generates more loyal customers. Even though initially the CPA of an Internet... Read More →
When companies ask me if direct mail works, I almost always answer them: ‘Not the 1st time around’. Direct mail has been proven to work for many years; however, companies generally have unrealistic expectations on their first direct mail campaign. After hiring a copy writer,... Read More →
Net60 specializes in response lists, which consist of people who have demonstrated an interest, purchased or inquired about a specific product or service. These lists are usually based a buying history, membership clubs, subscriptions to newsletters or organizations, sweepstakes,... Read More →
Probably much more often than you think. Keep in mind that most direct purchases only occur when an order form lands in front of a prospect. The more often a prospect sees an order form, the more often he/she is likely to purchase. Re-sending exactly the same direct marketing... Read More →
To maximize the value of a successful list, the size of the list becomes an important decision in the selection criteria. In testing lists for maximum value it is much better to select larger lists so they can be provide a good return quickly if they perform well. For example, at... Read More →
A key code is a simple, effective way to track the response produced from a specific list. It’s a set of unique alphabetical or numeric characters recorded on the response that tells the marketer which list produced the response. Each individual list is assigned a unique... Read More →